Fall of the Titans

New album “Fall of the Titans” background

​​In the year 2060, the world is on the brink of a major technological advancement. Discovery of ancient technology in the outer colonies of Mars, spark a new golden age of space exploration. In the same time, Earth is falling apart. After the comet Apophis crashed into earth in the 2030’s, humanity was forced to flee into the few Megacities around the world. Neo Helsinki, Moscowopolis, New Oslo, and a few others became the new home for hundreds of millions of people. The megacity projects were started by a few aware countries in the 2020’s. Scientists predicted the arrival of Apophis and the major changes its arrival would bring to our world. Too few listened. Now after 30 years of this event, the world is a wasteland outside the domes of the megacities. Megacity project also sparked a new age of robotics. Robot Core units were created to uphold law and order in the megacities. The units were ranging from towering titans, to smaller human sized robots that could be autonomous or driver operated. This is the story of the 2060’s historical events, that sparked the first colony wars between Hellraiser Militia, and Neo Helsinki Robot Core. A battle that would shape our past and future.

How to apply for a voice acting role for the album? See the video below where our AI recruiter will give you more specific details.



Welcome recruit. My name is Helen, I am the recruitment AI for Neo Helsinki Robot Core unit. I am here to assist you in your application to become a member of the Robot Core unit. We are building an elite mercenary unit that will be dispatched to one of our colonies on Mars. Before we can sign the contract, we will need some biometrical information from you. You have been provided with text samples that we wish you to record and send to us. We expect you to give each line your personal touch. Based on the uploaded samples, we will make a final decision of who will be accepted into the Neo Helsinki Robot Core unit or Hellraiser Militia. There will be multiple main characters, Robot Core AI voices and generic military characters.

Please follow the instructions below carefully and I wish you good luck. 


  • Choose at least two lines from each section. Try to imagine a scenario where the line would be said and how your personality, nationality and etc would be heard. Provide demos for each section to be eligible as a main character, Robot Core AI voice or general military voices.
  • Record them with a professional microphone.
  • Provide a wav file 44,1khz 16 bit with the following format: firstname_lastname_demo1.wav, firstname_lastname_demo2.wav and etc
  • Upload the files to the dropbox link that you will find in the bottom part of this page
  • All demo voices must be uploaded by September the 10th. Person chosen for the project will be informed latest by the end of September.
  • All chosen persons will be paid 50 euros for the voice acting. There will be a maxium of 250 spoken words per person.

Sample text – Main characters

Main characters will have the most lines to be spoken and their dialogue will drive the whole album forward. There will be datalogs between the actual songs that will create a narrative for the different songs. Main characters voice lines will also be used in the songs to create a continuum between the datalogs and the songs. The story will include people of varied background to symbolise the metropolis Neo Helsinki will be in the 2060’s.

  • Change is inevitable for humanity. Our lives, so insignificant and expendable. I do not require your understanding Drivers, only acceptance that you will follow my orders.
  • Drivers, board your Robot Cores and give the militia hell.
  • Saddle up mercenaries, this is why we get paid!!
  • Neo Helsinki Robot Core units approaching, this is were we fight!
  • Drivers do what you do best. WIN! 
  • Longshot, one kill.
  • Time to fire it up.

Sample text – Robot Core AI

Robot Core units are towering robots that are either AI or human Driver operated. They have their own personalities which will be discussed with the chosen voice actors. Some can be cold, where as others can have also a humorous side. It’s up to you to create an Robot Core AI to life.

  • Welcome back Driver. I will make your combat efficiency better.
  • Removing autonomous state. Activate manual override to driver.
  • Our shield are taking damage. Recommend taking cover. 
  • Hellfire ammo lock and loaded. Let’s give them hell.
  • Nuclear core exposed, ejecting the driver. Let us fight another day.
  • Driver ejected, uploading backup to cloud storage. I’ll be back.
  • Hellraiser Militia – NOVA “Pathfinder” Model THX 83 ready for combat.

Sample text – General military voices

Album will also feature grunts, so your basic general military persons. These grunts are usually always outnumbered when the battle has Drivers or Robot Core units. They try to figth valiantly, but end up usually pulverised by the Robot Core units.

  • Hostile Driver 12 o’clock
  • Incoming Robot Core unit
  • Focus all fire on that Robot Core unit
  • We need backup, our unit is getting pounded
  • Where is our Robot Core support?

Uploading your files

Read the instructions one more time, take some time to think what lines would be suitable for you. I want every recruit to showcase who they are. That means what ever your accent is, gender, nationality –> Let it show with pride.

Upload here –> https://www.dropbox.com/request/IZh3fwR1OMurj0aakDGM

Major Millennium Falck, Neo Helsinki Robot Core Unit 631