This year I finally let go. Lowered my guard. Closed my eyes and stepped into the uncharted caves of my mind. I met someone who allowed my soul to reconnect to the fabric of the universe again. A young boy who found solace from bullying in music. A producer who strayed away from the limelight. The artist who’s been his own worst enemy. I met myself.

The only words I heard were “Remember who you are.” The only words I needed.

Now, my eyes shine like neon lights. My soul lingers for adventure. My music invites you to come with me – to take your own journey.

I haven’t figured out how to move across spacetime. Instead my music allows me to synthesize the nostalgia of the 80s with the spirit of the now. What you hear is what I see in my mind before my fingers touch the keys.

It’s time to beat the Kessel run in less than 12 parcecs. Buckle up, baby!